What We Do

At Malarkey Grill we value the great food offered at bar and grill restaurants just as much as we value the quality of service that they offer. Our team will therefore visit bar and grill restaurants either by invitation or randomly and sample everything from the food, to the drinks to the overall service offering then write reviews. You can be assured that our reviews are unbiased therefore any critic you get from us whether positive or negative is 100 per cent honest.

Our team will either write reviews based on requests from our readers or based on requests from restaurant owners. Our team will then visit the restaurant, wine and dine, and later sit down to compile their thoughts purely based on quality of food and drinks as well as service delivery. As a courtesy, we’ll first send the review to the person who requested it before we publish it on Malarkey Grill.

If you wish to invite our team to do a review on any restaurant within the United States please send us the invitation through our email:  support@malarkeysgrill.com

We are also open to reviewing restaurants outside of the USA as longs as the person who invites us handles all the logistical arrangements.