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Shopify Vs WordPress – Which Is Best?

What is Shopify?

Shopify is a web application used by the online shoppers to build and launch their own online store. With the range of templates provided by Shopify, one can customize it according to the individual business requirements. This application will allow you to edit the HTML and CSS of your website, which means that who don’t have coding skills can even customize the online stores easily.

What is WordPress?

There are two different versions of WordPress available: They are Hosted WordPress and Self-hosted WordPress. Hosted WordPress available at where you have to pay a monthly fee to get access to wide range of features. Self-hosted WordPress is a software that you download from You can install on your server for free, but there are hosting costs, domain registration charges and potential plugin / development costs to consider.

Shopify Vs WordPress:

Shopify is the app used by anyone who wanted to develop their online shop, where WordPress is used by two groups of users such as web design novices and developers. Both the Shopify and WordPress enjoy a lot of popularity and have larger userbases. According to a study, there are 65-75 million WordPress sites available over the internet where Shopify powers the platform by covering over 600,000 stores.

Shopify offers a set of templates of 10 free packages and 61 paid versions. All such templates are professionally designed, edited easily and provides responsive web design. Shopify is easy to use for those who don’t have much knowledge about coding and technology. WordPress always the best in providing the template designs both free and paid-for.

Shopify is easier to do set up and available for 24/7 support and serves as the best option for those who need simple website design. Shopify is also preferred for the security of your website where don’t require any technical knowledge to maintain the website. But with WordPress you need to take care of security otherwise, your site become vulnerable to being hacked.

Wordpress eCommerceWordPress is a better option than Shopify to create multilingual or multisite projects. SEO is also better in WordPress than in Shopify. You will get wide range of options when it comes to eCommerce plugins in WordPress. You can also integrate Shopify in WordPress. Thus, both have equal advantages and disadvantages and his it is better to integrate Shopify in WordPress and utilize the features of both of them.