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Singapore Tour Itinerary

Enjoy The Comfort And Luxury Of Singapore Hotels At Marina Bay

Marina Bay is an attractive bay located in the southern trip of Singapore. It is surrounded by a water front with green parks. Marina Bay is most famous for its several attractions. Many luxury hotels are present in Marina Bay.

Singapore Tour Itinerary

When you are staying in Marina Bay, you can enjoy the natural beauties of the Marina Bay. In addition to this, lush green parks all around the bay attracts more beauty to it.

Marina bay has many shopping malls and marketing complexes. It is better to plan your stay nearer to Marina Bay, so that you will get utmost pleasure from shopping to visiting several spots.

Singapore ferries wheel, the largest observation wheel is located in Marina Bay. It attracts travelers to have a look of whole Singapore from a great height of 165 meters. The wheel consists of 28 air-conditioned capsules in which each capsule can able to carry around 28 passengers in it.

Many shopping centers had been established since, it witness more visitors. Travelers find it very enjoyable to shop near Marina bay. The hotels situated at Marina Bay meet the needs of both elite class and middle class. All the hotels got several amenities such as swimming pool, spa, massage spa and visitors are even allowed to play sportsbook singapore against other players. Thus, the visitors are treated with great hospitality.

Some people may opt to spend money for shopping rather than in a luxury hotel, for the it is better to book their stay at cheapest hotels of Marina bay. They are also providing the same kind of service as you expect in luxury hotels. Many delicacies are served in these hotels. You can also taste some excellent sea food and local dishes in such cheaper hotels.

It is better to book any hotel nearer to Marina bay, as it will be easy for you to visit several tourist spots situated in Marina bay. The cozy atmosphere in the Singapore hotels, the shopping options, food delicacies and the greenery around Marina bay offers you a memorable experience of visiting Singapore.

If you plan to visit Singapore, then browse online the cheapest hotel situated nearer to Marina bay, you will get list of hotels from which you can select the best hotel. If you are planning to visit Singapore, remember that you can enjoy the architectural beauty of Singapore hotels with great amenities in the marina bay hotels. As Marina bay acts as a unique place to provide you with visual pleasure that satisfy your desire towards natural beauty.

Useful Singapore Travel Guide

Top Things You Should Not Miss In Singapore

Singapore is located in the Southeast regions of Asia where you can see the beauty of Asia. The country got least corrupted government when compared to other countries and hence, become world’s richest countries. Here you can enjoy your trip with several things such as shopping, riding in stunning games of theme parks, sight-seeing of flora and fauna, playing games like horse bets, tasting different cuisines and a lot more. Let us see some top things to do for sure in city:

Ride a bumboat:

If you want to enjoy the sightseeing of regions present along the Singapore River, then ride a bumboat. While riding in bumboat along the Singapore river, you will really enjoy seeing the towering skyscrapers of the city. There are even some bumboats available that will take you to an island in Singapore that is unoccupied by people which is ideal for picnics and a dip in the lagoon.

Stroll along Chinatown as well as Little India and Bugis

Nothing will make a visitor appreciate the country more than strolling along Chinatown where you can see Chinese traditional side of Singapore. Chinatown is the best place to bargain and there are many street-side shops where you can things at affordable price. You can also visit museums and parks present in Chinatown. Bugis is another attraction where you can see a lot of street-side shops selling all the things. You will get many offers here like “Buy 3 for $10” etc. Little India is similar to Chinatown where you can traditional Indian Culture and many shops and temples.

Useful Singapore Travel GuideVisit the Zoo and other Parks and Gardens:

Singapore is rich with flora and fauna. Singapore Zoo is the place where you can see different animal species especially orangutan and reticulated python. You can also go bird watching in Jurong Bird Park. Botanical gardens is the must-visit to enjoy the sight-seeing of different plant varieties.

Wine and Dine:

You can experience Singapore’s native cuisine in its many restaurants and food courts. Don’t forgot to taste some of Singapore’s famous food such as chicken rice, chili crabs as well as kaya and laksa. There are also restaurants that offer international cuisine as well.


Singapore is home to a lot of shopping malls, expensive boutiques as well as little quaint shops. Singapore is the ultimate shopaholic’s heaven as the prices are relatively low. The Great Singapore Sale is popular around the month of June and hence, you can visit during June and you will almost 75% discount to maximum for all branded clothes and electronic goods and other things.

China Town area in Singapore with twilight time.

Where To Feel The Excitement In Singapore

Singapore is a thriving city that seems to handle the mixture of peace and tranquility, hustle and bustle with delicacy. The beautiful nature, stunning skyscrapers, luxurious shopping complexes, amazing wild life, pristine beaches and thrilling activities will leave you mesmerized. The number of visitors visiting Singapore is growing every year and it now boasts several experiences designed for travelers who seek excitement.

Singapore has an infinite list of adventure activities to offer its travelers. It is undoubtedly one of the best city to experience different world class adventures, if you are an adrenaline junky then Singapore is the best place. Here are some must visit places to feel the excitement in Singapore.

Sentosa island: Sentosa means ‘tranquility’ in Malay but there’s plenty activities for adrenaline junky. Universal studio theme parks has got numerous rides, skyline Luge offering high speed jungle luging on 650-700 meter of track, experience Segway touring around the island, indoor surfing, indoor skydiving, Online casino, adventure cove park and much more. You should spend 5-6 days at Sentosa island to enjoy all these activities.

Clarke Quay: Clarke quay highlights the pubs, bars, restaurants, dancing clubs to enjoy best nightlife. G-Max Reverse Bungy jumping is must try activity at Clarke quay than usual activities eating drinking at riverside bars or restaurants. It is best to try it in night as you ca witness some great views of the city and it satisfies even the biggest of thrill seeker.

Night Safari: As the sun sets down, get ready to see night activities of various animals at Night safari park. The safari ride will take you close to the animals as they hunt, frolic and gaze around the park.

China Town area in Singapore with twilight time.Scuba diving: Singapore has several pristine beaches rich in aquatic animals, corals and underwater reefs. There are many diving centers that offers diving certification courses and short diving experience. If you are a beginner, the staffs will teach you diving skills and introduce you to the marine world.

Hiking: If you love nature adventures then you won’t be disappointed in Singapore. You can pack lots of water and food then head to dense rainforest of Singapore for hiking. MacRitchie Reservoir can also be good alternate instead of forest hiking, enjoy bird’s eye view of Singapore’s nature by taking tree top walk.

These are must try adventure activities in Singapore yet there are many more exciting activities. If you want to experience all these adventures then you should plan a trip for atleast 2 weeks. So, if you like to challenge yourself then it’s time to pack your backpack to fly to Singapore.

Tbsbet Singapore wonders to visit

Singapore’s Anatomy

Singapore is truly diverse and has managed to reserve our artistic heritage—Chinese, Indian, and Malay—and architectural legacy through a heritage conservation program. It is a merger of old and new, a mix of the East and West. These are the beautiful contradictions that make Singapore a richly diverse city. Colonial buildings and heritage shophouses juxtapose with cutting-edge skyscrapers to showcase Singapore’s glory its view from the top. The tower’s design reflects the rising architectural trend of green workplaces. According to some study, looking at trees or plants can make employees more patient, healthier, and more focused.

I have taken out my time in researching some of the best architectural buildings of Singapore which brings in a wide variety of construction and enterprise to it’s dizzying heights and lush greenery.

1. Clarke Quay
Tbsbet Singapore wonders to visitIt is a dramatic renovation of the riverfront borough of Clarke Quay. Since its completion, it has succeeded in drawing tourists and locals back to its exclusive blend of local culture and international lifestyle. It was envisioned to increase commercial and recreational activities, and provide Clarke Quay with a new identity, positioning it as a lively attractive landmark destination. Vital to the success of the project was the ingenious temperance of the micro climate through the design of distinguishing and classy shading and cooling systems that provide the dockside and streets with tremendous visual interest and sustainable environment.

2. Esplanade Theatre Complex
This space render for local traditions visible, they often become a nexus for the regional and the international. Despite Singapore’s rapid transformation into an international metropolis, its city centre lacked an anchor for the arts, It is an element projecting the creative energy of the performing arts in Singapore.

3. Tbsbet
Singapore is knowm for nightlife but with a day long visit to various places, you might not like to visit anywhere else and in this case, tbsbet will come to your rescue. Tbsbet is one of the most premium gaming website in Singapore which provide the same nightlife enjoyment without going anywhere. So check them out.3. Expo Station

It is the first Mass Rapid Transport station on the new Changi Airport MRT Extension that visitors will encounter after leaving the airport. It serves the new Singapore Expo Complex and is a thrilling modern gateway to Singapore. With as many as 17,000 passengers using the station during peak periods the key strategy criteria were clarity of movement and durability of materials.

4. The Titanium Roofs

Two dramatic roof structures prevail the station – a 38-metre-diameter stainless-steel disc covers the ticket hall and 200-metre-long titanium-clad torus housings the platform and the courtyard below. The shapes overlap, creating a lively visual effect. The display place roof structure is precisely very efficient – consisting of a ‘diagrid’ of steel members, it is so stable that only two pairs of V-shaped columns are required to sustenance its dimension.The highly reflective roof materials serve a variety of purposes. The exterior titanium cladding has a 100-year warranty and will require little cleaning or maintenance. The mirrored stainless-steel ceiling is animated with the reflections of passengers and train movements. It also scoops daylight onto the platform, minimising the need for artificial lighting. At night, the reflected lights from passing traffic are dynamically distorted around the underside of the stainless-steel disc, creating a colourful play of light. In a country with one of the world’s warmest climates the roof offers an important environmental benefit – the titanium panels reflect the sun’s rays away from the building providing an atmosphere on the platform that is three or four degrees lower than the temperature outside the station.

5. The Singapore Flyer

It is designed as a means for Singapore to express itself as a magnet for tourism. A notable addition to the nation’s entertainment industry, the project is recognized by the Singapore Tourism Board and supported by foreign investment. It represents a major public destination at the heart of the business and commercial centre of Singapore, marking the south-eastern corner of the city on a stretch of cultivated land at the confluence of the Kallang and the Singapore Rivers

Therefore, considering of the above mentioned building this proves about Singapore has an island, is also rich in its anatomy as well as an expensive nation with wide range of culture which supports all activities for the growth and development even today.

Malaysia for Fun

Sightseeing In Malaysia

Malaysia for FunThe country that was located in the South eastern part of Asia and proved that even a small country hub will become a richest country in the world is Malaysia. It is a federal constitutional monarchy in Southeast Asia. Here the modern culture immersed in traditional old culture. Most of the people when they come to Malaysia, they will enjoy such cultural difference.

The diversity of its culture has made Malaysia more colorful and the reason could be immigrants from China, Japan, Thailand, India and other neighboring countries.

Malaysia – Truly Asia is a catch line to promote Malaysia’s Tourism. The country has steadily improved to promote tourism in order to compete with neighboring country Singapore. Many of the tourist who visit Singapore actually spent a one or two days in Malaysia too. Hence, Malaysia and Singapore make tourist convenient to travel between the two countries.

Malaysia is predominantly Muslim Country with its capital Kuala Lumpur. Kuala Lumpur is one of the most sophisticated and beautiful urban centers and home to the largest buildings like Petronas Twin Tower and Menara KL Tower. You will enjoy the beautiful sight of these two towers at night with lightings

When you make a trip to Malaysia, you should definitely plan to visit Batu caves having big statue of Indian God. The statue looks more beautiful and architectural design is amazing. You will also enjoy exploring other neighboring caves present there.

One of the ideal places to travel in Malaysia is Genting Highlands. It is a mountain top resort featuring the world’s highest capacity hotel having thousands of rooms. Genting highlands is well-known for having one of the top casinos Malaysia and different tourist attractions like a shopping district and amusement park.

Genting Highlands provide a breath-taking view in the immediate areas letting you look down at clouds and enjoy a panoramic view on the sunrise and sunset. It is accessible by road or by a 3 km lengthy cable car system. This cable car system is quite amazing, and you will enjoy riding in it with a view to whole of Malaysia.

Other Popular destinations in Malaysia is Cameron Highlands. This is well-known for tea plantations and strawberry plantations and you will even get fresh organic honey.

Malaysia has various island resorts with outstanding beaches. There are also mangroves, and forest reserves to see. One or more of the notable destinations is Redang Island which is recognized for its scuba diving facilities.

Thus, you will enjoy the sightseeing in Malaysia when you visit above tourist spots of Malaysia.