About Us

If you are a foodie looking to find out which bar and grill restaurants in your state are worth a visit or which you should stay clear of, then Malarkey Grill is the website for you. With us, quality service is our forte. We are a team of foodies who value the great food offered at bar and grill restaurants just as much as we value the quality of service that they offer and that’s why we take time to visit various bar and grill restaurants, sample their food and service offering then offer our unbiased reviews.

This is therefore a platform for people who enjoy eating out and their favorite hangout spots are bar and grill restaurants. Our team will visit any restaurant in America either by invitation or randomly and sample everything from the food, to the drinks to the overall service offering then write reviews. We ensure that our reviews are unbiased through putting together measures to ensure that our reviewers stay honest by not letting their individual biases cloud their reviews.

Our reviews are however not final in that if you happen to get a bad review from any of our foodies, you are free to appeal the decision and we’ll gladly send over another team for a do over.

We look forward to doing a review for you!

Christopher Cahill

Chief Editor – Malarkey Grill