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Thai Buddha Amulets

Thai amulets are also called Thai Buddha amulets. It is a kind of Thai Buddha blessed item. People or worshippers can get these amulets from the temple by simply donating money or offering oil to the temple, in return the monk will give them an amulet as a gift. It is not only considered as a gift but a God blessing to bring peace, happiness, good luck in their life.

People use these amulets to improve their health, wealth, marriage, love, and relationships. It is a Thai tradition to place an amulet in the temple when it is built. Amulets may vary in size, shape, materials such as plaster, bone, wood, or metal.

To add protective power to the amulet it may include ash from incense or old temple structures or hair from a famous monk. After the amulets are made the maker will then ask the monk who lives in the temple to bless the amulets by chanting and praying. This process may take from a week to more than three years.

It is common to see worshippers wear one or more amulets around the neck so that they can come closer to God.

There are many different types of amulets. One of the popular one is LP Toh – Wat PradooChimplee available at https://thaiamulets888.com/lp-toh-wat-pradoochimplee/ , You can see the image of mock in the amulet. The image printed on that amulets may depend upon what kind or type of amulet it is. If the image of Buddha painted on the amulet, then it is considered as Buddha amulet. Different types of images printed on different types of amulets.

Like one of the amulet names is LP Parn Wat Bang Nom Kho Hanuman with Lord Hanuman image printed on it. Hanuman is known as a warrior and a devotee of God Ram. Hanuman is known for his ability to fight with evil powers. Hanuman has defeated many devils in the past. This amulet is helpful for those who are looking for getting opportunities in their life so that they can get jobs and promotions. This amulet can bring peace, good luck, wealth, protection, good health in a person who wears this amulet.

There are some famous Thai amulets as well. They are Phra Somdej, Phra Rod, Phra Nang Phaya, Phra Phong Suphan, Phra Sum Kor, Phra Khun Phaen, Jatukham Rammathep, Phra Kring. Phra Somdej is the king of amulets. It is also known as “lucky amulets”. It is the best choice for the believer of Thai amulet.

Phra Somdej has the noblest status in Buddhism. Phra Somdej amulets do not have eyes, nose, and mouth. The Buddha in Phra Somdej is seated on the three-level throne, representing the three-level system of Buddhist cosmology. Phra Somdej is usually made of temple dirt, pollen, monk’s hair as well as other relics from famous monks.

This Phra Somdej amulets give protection and enhanced personal relationships, protect from black magic, blocks evil power, and give a boost to the career.