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Singapore Tour Itinerary

Enjoy The Comfort And Luxury Of Singapore Hotels At Marina Bay

Marina Bay is an attractive bay located in the southern trip of Singapore. It is surrounded by a water front with green parks. Marina Bay is most famous for its several attractions. Many luxury hotels are present in Marina Bay.

Singapore Tour Itinerary

When you are staying in Marina Bay, you can enjoy the natural beauties of the Marina Bay. In addition to this, lush green parks all around the bay attracts more beauty to it.

Marina bay has many shopping malls and marketing complexes. It is better to plan your stay nearer to Marina Bay, so that you will get utmost pleasure from shopping to visiting several spots.

Singapore ferries wheel, the largest observation wheel is located in Marina Bay. It attracts travelers to have a look of whole Singapore from a great height of 165 meters. The wheel consists of 28 air-conditioned capsules in which each capsule can able to carry around 28 passengers in it.

Many shopping centers had been established since, it witness more visitors. Travelers find it very enjoyable to shop near Marina bay. The hotels situated at Marina Bay meet the needs of both elite class and middle class. All the hotels got several amenities such as swimming pool, spa, massage spa and visitors are even allowed to play sportsbook singapore against other players. Thus, the visitors are treated with great hospitality.

Some people may opt to spend money for shopping rather than in a luxury hotel, for the it is better to book their stay at cheapest hotels of Marina bay. They are also providing the same kind of service as you expect in luxury hotels. Many delicacies are served in these hotels. You can also taste some excellent sea food and local dishes in such cheaper hotels.

It is better to book any hotel nearer to Marina bay, as it will be easy for you to visit several tourist spots situated in Marina bay. The cozy atmosphere in the Singapore hotels, the shopping options, food delicacies and the greenery around Marina bay offers you a memorable experience of visiting Singapore.

If you plan to visit Singapore, then browse online the cheapest hotel situated nearer to Marina bay, you will get list of hotels from which you can select the best hotel. If you are planning to visit Singapore, remember that you can enjoy the architectural beauty of Singapore hotels with great amenities in the marina bay hotels. As Marina bay acts as a unique place to provide you with visual pleasure that satisfy your desire towards natural beauty.

Useful Singapore Travel Guide

Top Things You Should Not Miss In Singapore

Singapore is located in the Southeast regions of Asia where you can see the beauty of Asia. The country got least corrupted government when compared to other countries and hence, become world’s richest countries. Here you can enjoy your trip with several things such as shopping, riding in stunning games of theme parks, sight-seeing of flora and fauna, playing games like horse bets, tasting different cuisines and a lot more. Let us see some top things to do for sure in city:

Ride a bumboat:

If you want to enjoy the sightseeing of regions present along the Singapore River, then ride a bumboat. While riding in bumboat along the Singapore river, you will really enjoy seeing the towering skyscrapers of the city. There are even some bumboats available that will take you to an island in Singapore that is unoccupied by people which is ideal for picnics and a dip in the lagoon.

Stroll along Chinatown as well as Little India and Bugis

Nothing will make a visitor appreciate the country more than strolling along Chinatown where you can see Chinese traditional side of Singapore. Chinatown is the best place to bargain and there are many street-side shops where you can things at affordable price. You can also visit museums and parks present in Chinatown. Bugis is another attraction where you can see a lot of street-side shops selling all the things. You will get many offers here like “Buy 3 for $10” etc. Little India is similar to Chinatown where you can traditional Indian Culture and many shops and temples.

Useful Singapore Travel GuideVisit the Zoo and other Parks and Gardens:

Singapore is rich with flora and fauna. Singapore Zoo is the place where you can see different animal species especially orangutan and reticulated python. You can also go bird watching in Jurong Bird Park. Botanical gardens is the must-visit to enjoy the sight-seeing of different plant varieties.

Wine and Dine:

You can experience Singapore’s native cuisine in its many restaurants and food courts. Don’t forgot to taste some of Singapore’s famous food such as chicken rice, chili crabs as well as kaya and laksa. There are also restaurants that offer international cuisine as well.


Singapore is home to a lot of shopping malls, expensive boutiques as well as little quaint shops. Singapore is the ultimate shopaholic’s heaven as the prices are relatively low. The Great Singapore Sale is popular around the month of June and hence, you can visit during June and you will almost 75% discount to maximum for all branded clothes and electronic goods and other things.