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China Town area in Singapore with twilight time.

Where To Feel The Excitement In Singapore

Singapore is a thriving city that seems to handle the mixture of peace and tranquility, hustle and bustle with delicacy. The beautiful nature, stunning skyscrapers, luxurious shopping complexes, amazing wild life, pristine beaches and thrilling activities will leave you mesmerized. The number of visitors visiting Singapore is growing every year and it now boasts several experiences designed for travelers who seek excitement.

Singapore has an infinite list of adventure activities to offer its travelers. It is undoubtedly one of the best city to experience different world class adventures, if you are an adrenaline junky then Singapore is the best place. Here are some must visit places to feel the excitement in Singapore.

Sentosa island: Sentosa means ‘tranquility’ in Malay but there’s plenty activities for adrenaline junky. Universal studio theme parks has got numerous rides, skyline Luge offering high speed jungle luging on 650-700 meter of track, experience Segway touring around the island, indoor surfing, indoor skydiving, Online casino, adventure cove park and much more. You should spend 5-6 days at Sentosa island to enjoy all these activities.

Clarke Quay: Clarke quay highlights the pubs, bars, restaurants, dancing clubs to enjoy best nightlife. G-Max Reverse Bungy jumping is must try activity at Clarke quay than usual activities eating drinking at riverside bars or restaurants. It is best to try it in night as you ca witness some great views of the city and it satisfies even the biggest of thrill seeker.

Night Safari: As the sun sets down, get ready to see night activities of various animals at Night safari park. The safari ride will take you close to the animals as they hunt, frolic and gaze around the park.

China Town area in Singapore with twilight time.Scuba diving: Singapore has several pristine beaches rich in aquatic animals, corals and underwater reefs. There are many diving centers that offers diving certification courses and short diving experience. If you are a beginner, the staffs will teach you diving skills and introduce you to the marine world.

Hiking: If you love nature adventures then you won’t be disappointed in Singapore. You can pack lots of water and food then head to dense rainforest of Singapore for hiking. MacRitchie Reservoir can also be good alternate instead of forest hiking, enjoy bird’s eye view of Singapore’s nature by taking tree top walk.

These are must try adventure activities in Singapore yet there are many more exciting activities. If you want to experience all these adventures then you should plan a trip for atleast 2 weeks. So, if you like to challenge yourself then it’s time to pack your backpack to fly to Singapore.

Live Singapore Sweep Results

The Beginner’s Guide To Buying A Toto

The lottery games are enjoyed by millions of players from across the world and it is the most pleasing way to have fun and thrill. There are few popular lottery games including sweep, 4D, toto, euro millions, mega millions and many more. Toto is Singapore’s most popular lottery game, it is run by the country’s only legal lottery operator ‘Singapore Pools’. The toto game is quite easy foe experienced as well as newbie of lottery games to grasp the rules of toto and get straight away.

Live Singapore Sweep ResultsBasic Rules Of Toto

The easiest version of Toto is basically an ordinary bet, this involves picking up 6 numbers between 1 and 49. If your chosen number matches atleast three of winning numbers then you win a prize and if all the six numbers match with winning number then you will win a jackpot. The minimum bet you can place in toto is one dollar for each set of numbers.

If you don’t have any number preferences, you can generate the numbers using quickpick, which will not cost you anything at any point. There are few complex betting system like 7-12 entries, this will allow a player to choose 7-12 numbers within each set but the betting cost is exponentially high.

Tips to better your chances of winning Toto

  • Most of the time, the winning number that would probably drawn next time would have already appeared in past draws. Check the records and see if you can find any numbers that haven’t appeared in past draws, it is recommended to not pick such numbers.
  • Don’t select the numbers which has some meaning to you i.e birthday or anniversary dates because this will fall under small numbers which means most of the people will endup in selecting similar numbers and in case if you win, the prize will split among many people.
  • The chances of having all odd numbers of even numbers is very rare and hence it is advisable to select mixture of odd and even numbers.
  • Sometimes, the winning numbers are appeared in the form of consecutive numbers so, within the set of six numbers select atleast two consecutive numbers.

Of course, the numbers are drawn randomly and no one can ever predict which number will appear as winning number but these tips will surely help you to increase the chances of winning toto lottery.